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Indoor and Outdoor Test and Benchmarking Services
ZK Celltest has a unique capability in offering indoor and outdoor walk test, drive test, peak-time tests and benchmarking services.

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ZK Engineers have conducted numerous site surveys including sports stadiums, shopping centers, resorts, office complexes and college campuses.

Detailed reports on the comparison of the voice and data networks are provided with detailed tables and graphs comparing key parameters.

Super Dome

Key Parameters Compared:
  • Data Throughput Rates
  • Voice Quality
  • Coverage
  • Voice and data call setup and retainability
Peak time vs. Non-Peak time:
Typically engineers will not drive test an area during rush hour because they will be sitting in traffic. However, this is the time when they should be collecting data as it characterizes the worst case scenario. The same goes for major events for indoor applications. ZK engineers drive test during rush hour and compare to non-rush hour. For indoor application we measure the performance "during" the event to measure the actual user experience.
  • Drive congested roads during peak hour and compare performance with non-peak times
  • Walk stadium, raceway, conventon center, etc. during the event to provide actual usage analysis
Network Design Analysis:
  • Through measurement data analysis each Carrier's design approach is explained and analyzed.
Indoor Applications:
  • Operators can use the information to compare their performance with competitors in their market or venue.
  • Trade organizations and Non-profit companies can use the data to provide information to their users
  • Venue owners and operators may use the report to work with Carrier's to improve and understand the indoor network performance
  • Studies can be done prior to large events to help assist the optimization of network performance on the day of the event

Outdoor Applications:
  • Operators can compare the network performance during busy hour to non-busy hour.
  • Data can be used to optimize the network based on time of day
  • Comparisons can be done with other Operators during rush hour to see the benchmark performance
ZK Engineers provide a single source solution. We use our own equipment and software and coordinate and scheduling all field activities.

We discuss the requirements with the customer and develop a detailed set of goals and project schedule.

Upon completeion of the data collection ZK engineers create a detailed report comparing the performance of all the Carriers for that venue.

ZK engineers can also present the data in a class or Webinar setting.

Benefits of using ZK Services:
  • Since we own the equipment there is no finger pointing between the service company and the equipment manufacturer.
  • Our team is vastly experienced with our equipment and can validate data integrity on the spot
  • If there is an equipment failure or support issue we can get replacements immediately
  • Our price is competitive and in many cases lower because we are very efficient and we do not need to amortize the cost of the test equipment
  • We get the job done on schedule with a high level of confidence
For a sample of a Indoor Benchmarking Report that was done at the Superdome in New Orleans just prior to the 2013 Superbowl please contact Rich Miletic at or 650-279-2403.