In 1989, ZK introduced the ZK-SAM™, the first compact-sized portable cellular drive test product line targeted to the Cell Site Operations. The ZK-SAM is updated regularly with new features and technologies. The current version of the ZK-SAM has a full color display and supports all of the major wireless technologies.

In 1996, the DX line was developed to meet the more complex testing needs of the System Performance Engineer. Originally introduced as the DXMe the product name was changed to the ZK-SAMp where the 'p' stands for 'portable'. The user can configure multiple phones, technologies and scanners to provide high end performance in a vehicle mounted or portable product.

In 2000, RMS (autonomous data collection and analysis system – Real-time Monitoring System) was developed to meet the needs of the changing marketplace. Automating and centralizing drive testing is allowing operators to improve overall quality and reduce response time to issues (MTTR), while reducing engineering expenses.

In 2004, the RF Services Division was launched to provide optimization solutions to our customers. The RF Services division integrates and manages ZK’s hardware and software products and delivers the results to the customer and relieves them of the difficulties of maintaining and managing test equipment.

In 2006, the DXMe was modified to target indoor measurement and benchmarking applications. The name was changed to the ZK-SAMp The ZK-SAMp is battery powered and can monitor up to 5 networks simultaneously. It weighs less than three pounds. It can be used in a vehicle as well making it extremely versatile.

Also in 2006, ZK introduced the ZK-MPS The ZK-MPS is a high performance drive testing product targetted to the System Performance and RF Engineers. It integrates a high speed Comarco 7-5 software based digital scanning receiver. The scanner can monitor multiple technologies and bands. In addition, up to 5 phones can be connected to the ZK-MPS to measure multiple bands, technologies or networks.

In 2007, ZK introduced the Version 9.0 hardware that supports 5 simultaneous devices with 3G measuring capability for UMTS, HSDPA, EvDO A technologies.

In 2008, ZK introduced the portable version of the ZK-MPS with single or dual scanner capability. In addition, the Floor Plan logging feature was added to both the ZK-MPS and the ZK-SAMp.

In 2010, ZK introduces LTE capability on complete product line.

In 2011, ZK introduces KPI Mapper, a powerful MapInfo based post-processing solution that analyzes data collected outdoor GPS files and indoor collected floorplan logged files.

In 2012, ZK introduces the MPS/B, a powerful indoor data collection tool that scans all bands and technologies and can connect 11 devices simultaneously.

In 2013, ZK introduces ZK Metrics, a powerful handset based Android app that performs http and ftp data transfers for testing 3G and 4G data throughput.

In 2014, ZK introduces ZK-MPX, a replacement to the MPS and MPS/B that includes a new extremely powerful scanner and the new Android Tablet display.

In 2014, ZK launches ZK Services, a new team of engineers to test your networks and indoor venues. Outsource your walk/drice-test work to ZK Services Engineers.

In 2015, ZK introduces ZK-Echo One and ZK-Echo Plus suite of new handset and Tablet based network testing products.