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ZK Celltest has been a world leader in the development of System Access Monitoring (SAM) equipment for over 25 years. The company founders, while working for AT&T Bell Labs, participated in the design of the AMPS technology whilst testing and optimizing the first US commercial cellular system in Chicago, IL.

Since 1983, ZK has been providing a product-line which offers a price competitive "non-PC-based" solution for network monitoring, drive-testing, as well as in-building and on-campus testing. Our culture is built around providing solutions that are intuitive and reliable. Our design approach and product focus has created a drive-test tool that is significantly more efficient than traditional PC-based data collection tools. System Access Monitors are also safer to use while operating company vehicles.

ZK hardware and software products are often utilized by:
  • Field Operations
  • Cell Technicians
  • RF Engineering
  • System Performance
  • RF/Operations Management
ZK systems are often utilized for:
  • System Monitoring
  • Drive-testing
  • Network Optimization
  • New Network & Technology Deployments
  • E911 and LBS Acceptance Testing
  • Trouble-ticket Analysis
  • Bench-marking
ZK products are designed around five basic objectives:
  • Simple to Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Field Reliable
  • Safe to Operate While Driving
  • Virtually Hands-free

In addition to providing intuitive solutions for network operators worldwide, our team also adapts quickly to technology advances and customer demand. When customers call for technical support, they connect directly to a person that knows the product and has the authority to make on-the-spot decisions.

Our offices are located in Silicon Valley, where we are well situated to take advantage of the latest technologies.

At ZK Celltest, we are focused on what our customers need and we develop the solutions to meet them. Being responsive, fair and flexible to the customer is our focus. Solutions that deliver productivity gains and provide ease-of-use achieve greater acceptance. Give us a call and you will experience a dedicated team of people that really want to help you succeed.